Exploring Sydney

I guess I should start with a hello and a slight introduction.

I am writing this from my cold room in Sydney, where I have been living for the past 3 months. Just over 5 months ago I said goodbye to my family in England and set off on my biggest adventure yet with my boyfriend, Simon. On the 27th of November we got on our first flight heading to Sri Lanka (I don’t want to talk about Sri Lanka too much as it deserves it’s own blog post dedicated to it) which was the most beautiful place I have ever been to; not just for the scenery, but the people, culture, and the most important to me – food.


After Sri Lanka, we flew to Bali (this deserves it’s own post too). Bali almost broke up.. After being robbed and left with nothing we found ourselves helping our a Balinese family in exchange for a room and food until we could get on the flight to Sydney.

We arrived in Sydney with no money, phones, cards, ID… So seeing my oldest friends face at the airport was the dreamiest dream ever. Tamsin and her boyfriend basically saved us (maybe a little dramatic, but it’s seriously how it felt). They took us straight to this super funky cafe in Newtown called Brewtown (so fun to say). Since going this time I have probably been there over 15 times.. Their Vegan Corn Fritters are INSANE.

After crashing on Tam’s sofa for a while we decided it was time to get our own place which luckily just fell into our hands. A beautiful double bedroom with a huge balcony in Chippendale. For $150 a week we obviously accepted instantly. It’s crazy to think that in 3 days time I will be moving out of this room and getting ready to start my birthday celebrations in Melbourne & then get on the road again.

Classic Sydney shot


Here are some of my favourite places to eat & drink Newtown:

Newtown: My favourite area in Sydney due to it’s diversity. Graffitied walls, vintage shops, health food shops, funky restaurants & cafes. You can’t not love it here!

  1. Brewtown6-8 O’CONNELL STREET NEWTOWN. – It’s a super funky cafe located just off King Street. For the vegans, get the corn fritters. They are the shit!
  2. Gigi’s379 King St, Newtown NSW 2042. – Dairy free pizza with a dark and super sexy vibe. Try the vegan blue cheese.. its dope.
  3. Continental Deli Bar, 210 Australia Street, Newtown. Try their own tinned sardines which is served with some tasty bread.
  4. D’munchies. 170 King Street. Newtown. THE BEST VEGAN HOTDOG!
  5. Lentil As Anything, 391 King Street, Newtown. Pay how ever much you like for super nutritious vegan food.
  6. Mary’s6 Mary Street, Newtown. Not a healthy option but it’s so good and serves some wicked craft beer. There are only 3 options of burgers and some fried chicken but it’s pretty great.
  7. Golden Lotus343 King Street, Newtown. Have one of their broths & noodles with the soy duck… Too good.
  8. Gelato Blue318 King Street, Newtown. Coconut milk based ice cream.. What more do I have to say really? Their pistachio flavour is incredible.

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