Wandering the streets of Melbourne

Melbourne so far has been my favourite city in Australia. It’s not quite as fast paced as Sydney and the vibe is just was slower and relaxed. When I first arrived in Melbourne I was a little overwhelmed with how many cafes, restaurants, bars and museums I wanted to visit but it was super accessible as there is a free tram to jump on in the CBD (Step up your game, London).

Our flight was super duper early so when we arrived we were starving. Of course, I had already researched exactly where I wanted to go… and as soon as our bags were down I was waiting by the door telling everyone to hurry up. My research was a success; we headed to West Melbourne to a cafe called The Auction Room (definitely go if you are in the area because the cafe itself is beautiful). The innovative menu makes it hard to decide what you want to munch on & picturesque interior made me dream of the house I want in the future. Brick walls, light rooms and amazing lighting.

On the route back to the apartment we found ourselves in Victoria Market and my god, this is the market where my dreams are made. We started off in the first open room which is hustling and bustling with people trying to get the best deals for their fruit and vegetables for the week. My favourite bit was the free testers most stalls have to try their produce… we bought some food for dinner  and carried on waking through to the next open room which is full of fake designer clothing, vintage jewellery and tarot cards. Afterwards, we moved onto the deli area which had endless amounts of local produce, where we bought  – cheeses, wines, Manuka honey (I had a very lovely conversation with the honey man who taught me all about why it is good for you), fresh anchovies; which we managed to eat before even leaving the market, figs, prosciutto & some goats cheese.Our first night we just wandered around the city and found ourself a lovely little Italian restaurant with extremely lows prices after all of our purchases at the market, or shall I say my purchases… We found a great happy hour, got a little tipsy and got a good night sleep. Safe to say, the first night was a success!


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