Textures around The Grampians, VIC. 

After the bestest time in Melbourne I jumped in a van with my boyfriend & friend. Mattress in the back, $30 tent from Kmart, $5 sleeping bags… we thought we were ready. We weren’t. Nothing could have prepared us for the cold we experienced at 3AM. All I  can say is, waking up to your boyfriend rocking back and forth is always a sign you needed to buy more blankets.

Any who, don’t make that mistake! 

The Grampians itself is fucking beautiful. Lakes, waterfalls, hikes, a curry house (literally, it was my highlight) and a good group of friends… On this trip I think we all realised how unfit we are at the fine ages of 21-25; all of us got overtaken walking up some stairs from the waterfall by a group of elderly women. It was embarrassing but at least I got a good picture, right? 


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