Starting again..

H E L L O ✨ 
This is my first post on a new account on instagram as I feel as if I needed a fresh start; not just with Instagram and social media but also with my lifestyle, way of thinking and general attitude. It seems everything has become a little foggy and have manage to get myself back in a rut. I have struggled with general anxiety for as long as I can remember and some days it’s easy and some days are really hard. There are a lot of downs and not necessarily many ups (at this point in time). Just so you can learn some more about me I will explain a little more. I am 24, graduated from university in the UK and I am currently travelling. I have a big obsession with healthy foods and heavily believe in that organic, good, fresh food will keep you healthy. I have managed to convince myself that I am healthy; and I am 70% of the time but when I have my episodes of being unhappy- that’s when the trouble starts. Binge eating, negative thoughts, thinking nobody likes me or I am screwing everything up, constant comparisons to other people, pushing everyone around me who cares away and the list could go on. I want this to be the start of a journey where I can slowly start to be myself again and I would love to support and be supported by people on social media. This smoothie in the picture is from yesterday when I was feeling good – Green is good 🌿🌱pineapple, kale, spinach, banana, spirulina, wheatgrass. Whereas after tonight of crying in bed for an hour and ordering food online that I instantly regret instead of going out with some friends. I need to learn to love myself and I am excited to say I think this is the beginning. 

IG: @makekatieglow


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